Who we are

ALISEI is an Italian non-profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO), active since 1986 as NUOVA FRONTIERA, in the field of international co-operation to development and humanitarian aid, as well as intercultural integration, promotion of pacific coexistence among peoples and social cohesion. Alisei strategically promotes equal opportunities in the South and in the North of the World and contributes to reduce external aid dependence favoring processes of participatory and self sustainable development.

The organization was founded in 1998 thanks to the merging of NUOVA FRONTIERA (Milan) with CIDIS (Perugia), also recognised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who we are(decree n. 49/87), and active since the Eighties in the field of international co-operation for development, assistance of humanitarian emergencies and inter-cultural education.
The merger allowed ALISEI to optimize the human, financial and logistic resources of the two NGOs as well as to answer, with better effectiveness and flexibility, the challenges posed by the new national, European and international scenarios in the field of co-operation towards development.

We believe in human solidarity and the respect of human rights, and fight against all forms of racism, opposing war and violence as instruments of conflict resolution among peoples.
It is acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Decree nr. 1999/128/003595/2) as qualified to manage interventions in countries in the South of the World. Since 1994 it has been a partner of ECHO and has been entered in the Potential Applicant Database Online Register (PADOR) of EuropeAid.

ALISEI is a member of the Italian NGOs Organisation (AOI), the Lombardia NGO’s Organisation (Colomba) and the Europen NGOs Organisation (CONCORD). It is a founding and promoting member of the Italian coalition to stop the use of Child Soldiers, in turn affiliate of the International Coalition “Stop using Child Soldiers” and of the Global Movement for Children . It is also an associate of the Humanitarian Assistance Coordination UNIT- UCHA of the UN. Furthermore, it is a member of the National Observatory for the Observation of Conventions of the UN for Children’s rights.